How Did The Ww2 Affect The Economy

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Introduction The culture within North America had significantly changed during World War II, the entire continent had transformed. World War II touched nearly every person’s life in the world in one way or another. During the pre-World War II era in North America most women were stay at home mothers. It was a typical of men to work and earn money while women took care of the house and children however, during the war, most men were drafted which led to a shortage of the workforce. It was at this time that women entered the workforce in huge numbers to fulfill the gap created by men being deployed. Prior to the war, two thirds of the population in North American fell below the category of “earnings poverty”. The war helped build the North American economy, and production in all aspects of the industry was at its peak during the war. After the war ended, North American society…show more content…
During the war, production of cars was halted which led to a huge shortage of automobiles. After the war ended, factories that were producing tanks and fighter planes were re-fitted to start producing cars. This increase in car production had a major impact on society and culture. In 1941, North America had 30 million registered automobiles. This number rose to 55 million in the year 1950 and 80 million by the end of 1960. This clearly shows that the automobile had become a part of North American culture. Another main factor attributing to increase in sales was the demand for better styled cars in the 1950’s. The big car companies heard the complaints of the consumers and overhauled almost all the automobiles in production during this period. The old pre-war designs were gone and automakers offered bigger and more powerful cars with flashy designs. The automakers flooded the market with cars that had flair and individuality. This formula worked well for almost two

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