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Mexicans in American films are held to certain stereotypes that they are not held at when seen in Mexican films. When watching a movie where Mexicans are involved, you will most likely be watching a comedy, because the American film industry finds it easier to portray Mexicans in more of comedic standpoint. I have noticed there is a significant amount of difference between both Mexican and American films, from having the opportunity of watching both Mexican and American films growing up. The Mexican film industry has a long line of history that puts it to where it is at right now. Mexico was first introduced to making films during the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. From (1896-1929) Mexico began to film “Silent Films” in which Mexico took to its advantage. During 1898 Salvador Toscano Barragan was the first person to write a film with a plot in Mexico. Toscano also created a documentary during the 1950’s of the Mexican Revolution. Their film industry also had what was called “The Golden Age.” In 1931 Mexico stepped up their film skills and went from, silent black and white to talkie black and white films. It was certain that the 1930’s was Mexico’s biggest movie release debut, with movies coming out like: La Mujer del Puerto, Fred Zinnemann’s Redes, Janitzio, Dos Mujeres, Alla en el Rancho Grande, Vamonos con Pancho Villa and La Zandunga. During the 1940’s was…show more content…
The 1940’s brought a grand amount influence to the consumers of Mexico with their actors and directors. They showed to be popular icons and as well as political influences, this was a big step for the Mexican life. Once the 1960’s - 1980’s hit the industry, it began to show much more interest in doing cult horror and action films, in which they were influenced by the American film

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