Court Cases: The Inside And Outside Of The Judicial System

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Imagine being tried in court for a crime you know you didn´t commit. Imagine facing hard time in jail and you know the judge and jury are not going to decide in your favor due to personal beliefs and bias. I would like to become a judge so people would get the fair shot the 6th Amendment entitles them to. Judges have multiple responsibilities inside and outside of the courtroom. One of a judge’s responsibilities are to interpret the law and apply it to the court cases placed in front of them. They are also in charge of running how cases play out in their courtrooms. Their most important responsibility is to make decisions on the sentencing and punishments of those found guilty in trial. Whether you are in court or not, the judicial system and court rulings play a large factor in your life.…show more content…
African Americans are being killed one by one with little to no justice being served due to prejudice. For instance, a woman named Sandra Bland was arrested, killed, and falsely accused of committing suicide due to a driving misdemeanor. She was on her way to a job interview and was pulled over by a caucasian police officer, helplessly pinned down and arrested. She was then killed and a police said she hung herself by a trash bag hanging off of a shower head which could never support a body´s weight. Also, a trash bag should not be allowed in a jail cell in general because anything not nailed to the floor isn’t allowed due to safety instances such as this. I want to be a judge so cruel and unusual misconduct like this or of any sort will not go unpunished without justice being

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