Fashion Trends In Australia In The 80's

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The era of the modern Fashionistas – 1980’s The decade of the 1980’s often referred to as the ‘Era of power dressing’ has been one of the most significant decades in the history of the fashion industry for both men and women in Australia. This was the first time in the history when the Australian fashion trends were commended globally for their creative designs as well as for a variety of different styles. Fashion through expensive dressing and accessories has become a major phenomenon that people used to express the image of wealth and success. According to the chief editor of the website Like Totally 80’s Crystal Schwanke “The eighties fashion has taught the society new terminology such as jelly brackets, jelly shoes, neon clothing, leg warmers,…show more content…
Education in the 80’s was vastly different and structured more under traditions and disciplines from today. In the modern civilisation, an individual’s qualification determines their position and their job in the society, however, getting employed in the 80’s was much easier and less qualifications were required for most of the professions, because most employers provided the new staff with on work training. Work in the 1980’s usually involved working from Monday to Friday from 9am – 5 pm 8 hours a day. This was the time in the Australia history when finding a job was as the matter of 2 days, as a result of this various immigration programs were run to meet labour shortages. Since the 1900’s circumstances of women in workplace have been getting worst & worst, which has often raised some questions on working rights of women in Australia. According to the Women’s rights activist Lilly Ledbetter “Way back in the 70’s and 80’s, women earned around 60 percent on average of what men earned when working year-round full time. The discrimination against women in the 80’s occurred in most workplaces around the globe. Only professions such as nursing, teaching, public administration, Community services accepted women at their…show more content…
Today, many people especially teenagers make worthless use of their free time on technology such as IPad, video games, computer or using mobile to connect up with their friends and family members, however, people in the 80’s are often remembered to make a sensible use of their spare time. “Teenagers in the 80’s hung out with friends a lot. After school instead of coming home, teens actually would go over to their friend’s house or meet them in the park or on the corner” as stated by Dr. Richard Astley of Princeton University explains how social life was an important part of the 80’s society where people would see each other in reality rather than interacting virtually like today. Many people also chose to pursue their interests of music, dance, acting and sports, while, others enjoyed going to the library, cinema, listening to music, watching TV and being tourists. Australian entertainment

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