The Giver Expository Essay

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Books that you read in your childhood can have a big effect on your life. Even though we may not realize it these books can have a subtle effect on many things throughout our daily life. These books that you read at a young age can influence your thoughts, decisions and actions in a positive but sometimes negative way. These books can also expand someone's imagination and their vocabulary just by reading. At the time that we read the books they may seem boring or just another assignment, but later you come to appreciate what you read because you can really think about what they mean and if they relate to you. The books I read like Johnny Tremain and To Kill a Mockingbird enlightened me on how history really was with similar to real life examples…show more content…
The premise of the book is nobody has any emotions or feelings besides one person in the society and he is called the Giver. The Giver contains all the memories from thousands of past people and their point of view of their life from a war 300 years ago in a child sledding down a hill. A boy in the society is chosen named Jonas to become the Giver. After being trained and seeing and feeling so much he decides he hates to immorality and power of the government and the ignorance of the society. Eventually he runs away and finds a house outside of society and then the book ends. The book gets kids thinking is giving the government total control over our everyday lives. The book shows people killing other people just because there were too many, but they do not know right from wrong so are they a bad person by doing that? Our English teacher challenged us with this question and we had a debate over it in class. This one pivotal thought changed my whole perspective on accountability and responsibility. If the man knew that killing people was bad then he would be accountable for his actions, but if he did not know then would he be accountable even if he did not realize it was bad. It is questions like these that separate the good books from the bad. The books that you can question and reflect on are good because they actually are helping you instead of a book that you skim over and it does not help you think at all and that question was the main reason why I remembered that

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