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Utopia, a place that is “perfect”. In the book The Giver, written by Lois Lowry Jonas (The main character) believes he lives in a utopia because everyone is alike. But the elders “government” are controlling people’s memories so that no one would think differently or how other societies work. They use a guy called the Giver to hold the memories from the past so the elders would not forget how the past worked and contained all the memories to one person. If you look close enough our world is like the world the elders are trying to hide, but some of the things their community do are the same as ours just done in a different way. Transportation in one topic that is both similar and different. Joneses community people use bikes or walk as their main way to get around. They do this because in a perfect world, there is no pollution. In our society, many people still ride bikes…show more content…
Looking at Jonas’s family, they have a mom and a dad just like most of our families. Joneses families live together and do a lot of stuff together. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, “She held up a clenched fist and the rest of the family smiled at her small defiant gesture. “Why do you think the visitors didn't follow the rules?” asked mother” (Lowery 7). Joneses mom was trying to help Lily Joneses little sister on understanding things. Like our community. Even though our families seem similar, they do have some different. Like the way people get spouses. Before you get a spouse in Joneses society they would have to apply for one and the elders determine if they are eligible for one, it’s the same way you can get a child in Joneses community. In our world the way to get a spouse it to go out and find one on our own and they would have to be trying to do the same. The way our society gets children is that the people in our society make them. Our families aren't much different from joneses

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