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The objective of this literary criticism is to explore and analyze The Giver’s plot and show the connection to the similar structural components it has with the Marxist theory. The Giver, by Lois Lowry, is a science fiction novel that takes place in a utopian society where hunger, poverty, and economic inequality, are things of the past. At first, the society seems as a peaceful civilizations, however as the story progresses, the utopia appears more and more dystopian as its main goal is revealed. The main antagonist is a twelve year old boy named Jonas, who will be given the job to become the utopia’s next receiver of memory. Every recollection and understanding of past events, which has been seized from the society by the society, is now…show more content…
Karl Marx’s theory is a clarification of how society should work. He offers us explanations on society, of how and why events have unfolded, all by the study of capitalism. He states that capitalism is extremely inadequate and there are other ways to better uphold a society. The four main areas of study in the Marxist approach are economic power, materialism versus spirituality, class conflict, and art, literature including ideologies. Marx believes that Capitalism creates a damaged structure in economic power. The Marxist theory states that the small upper class, the bourgeoisies, controls the flow of money and goods while the rest of the populations, the proletariats, only function with money and goods. The upper classes power over the money allows them to have command over the government, media, education, and the arts. With the bourgeoisie’s jurisdiction over these regions, they create a system in which the proletariats are divided and feel the need to work and struggle to have a type of status like bourgeoisie. However, the system is designed to never let the proletariat achieve any status other than laborer. Materialism versus spirituality is the battle proletariats face between living a

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