The Giver Book Vs Movie Essay

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The Giver Book vs. the Movie Today, books and movies are one of the most interesting forms of entertainment. The Giver written by Lois Lowry was published in 1993; however, the movie was made in 2014. Both versions are great. Both of them used the same characters, and the main character is Jonas. On the other hand, the movie left out some details about the characters. Those elements that separate the versions are Lily’s age, Asher and Fiona’s assignment and Jonas’ placement. Since age is a fundamental factor in the story, changing Lily’s age was noticeable. The setting of the story is in a special place called the community. As a rule in the community, each age group of community member has some requirements, and they are provided to the groups during an annually graduation ceremony. Some tools are given to each age group such as bicycles. In the book, the main character’s little sister, Lily was seven years old, turning eight. As a rule of the requirements in the community eight year-Old’s could not ride the bicycle. Jonas was thinking to teach her how to ride a bicycle because Lily was talking about it too much. However, in the movie,…show more content…
Both versions the community controls their community member’s daily routine, more specially their work assignment. The book shows that Asher, Jonas’ friend, got an assignment. Asher’s assignment was to be a recreational director. However, in the movie, Asher’s assignment changed into to be a drone pilot. Furthermore, Jonas has another friend called Fiona. In the book, Fiona was taking care of the elderly members in The House of Old. In contrast, the movie illustrates her assignment as a Nurturer, which means to take care of newborn babies. The movie changed Fiona’s assignment for a purpose. The purpose was that Fiona had the ability to help Jonas to take Gabe, a newborn baby he loved. These were the changes that differ in both

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