The Five Stages In St. Lucy's Claudette

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Claudette and the other girls in the pack went through a time-taking, arduous process of changing their way of life. Claudette’s as well as the other girls’ parents decided to send them to St. Lucy’s for them to become something better, to become “naturalized citizens of human society.” (Russell, p.238) Through this procedure, the girls go through five stages full of fun, stress, rejection, acceptability, and complete mastery to successfully integrate into human society. In the first three stages Claudette learns new abilities such as dancing the sausalito, talking in English, being fully bipedal, being compassionate, and several other human actions. The two other stages are testing, and performing stages; during these stages Claudette and…show more content…
She saw St. Lucy’s as just another place and she made St. Lucy’s a little more like home (by marking her territory, expanding existing holes and digging more, and performing several other wolf-like actions). In this stage Claudette changed her attitude, changed her odor, and her way of thinking. “Our own scent had become foreign in this strange place.”(P.238) After stage one, in stage two Claudette found herself being uncomfortable with this new culture, but she knew she had to become more civilized, so she tried hard. Claudette and the other girls were constantly examined in stage two and were expected to perform simple human tasks. Claudette was chosen to feed the birds, and she was expected and was able (Toughly, but was able to in the end) to be compassionate and to say “Ohokaythankyou”(P.243). In this stage she noticed how hard adapting would be and that she needed as many points (main way of classifying students) as possible. By the end of stage three Claudette was able to do more complicated things than in stage two. During that time, Claudette learned how to play chess, ride a bicycle, and dance. Claudette was starting to be able to perform a little more than average human actions. Claudette was now able to read at a good level which shows she was advanced according to the nun’s implied standards as shown by “None of the pack besides me could read
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