Pericles Funeral Oration Essay

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Pericles' Funeral Oration Pericles showcases his funeral speech in way to keep the virtue of Athens high. He has faith in his people and regularly through his speech he was keeping the Athenian people in the notion of proud to be Athenian. They were very much proud of their city and its culture. They had a great amount of respect for their brave warriors. The funeral oration was kept in accordance of a long tradition which had been followed since many years. This was to honor the warriors who had died in fearsome battles. It empathizes on Athens and ancestors and how without their past and present dedication of people Athens would not become what it was. Pericles faith on their citizen was phenomenal even at his death he seemed that Athens was truly great. “And if our more remote ancestors deserve…show more content…
He wanted all Athenians to know that this country produces love among people and in turn this country will motivate its warrior to feel proud to fight for Athens. In conclusion, I personally feel Pericles from the beginning of the funeral speech reminded the Athenians that everybody was proud of Athens and how much will be the cost to save the country; Athens will be protected by their people when necessary. It was a tragic contrast of life Vs death in his funeral oration. Life was there after the passing of war for the citizens of Athens and the sacrifices made by the warriors in the fearsome battle resembles death. Through his speech, he stroked a complex chord for Athens and patriotism. I believe everything that Pericles said because Athens had a history of successful democracy that was modeled in future by the great western countries like Britain, US etc. but never achieved successfully even after thousands of years. Athens also had a diverse culture whether it was in the case of art and various

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