St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolf Summary

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“St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell is a story about nuns taking in wolf girls and teaching them about human civilization. What the girls are taught and the level they are at all depends on a book called, “The Jesuit Handbook of Lycanthropic Culture Shock.” In this book it explains what the girls should be feeling and acting at every stage. The handbook provides for the girls guidance into human culture. Claudette, one of the girls and the narrator, adapts to all five stages according to the handbook. The Stage 1 epigraph states, “The initial period is one in which everything is new, exciting, and interesting for your students. It is fun for your students to explore their new environment.”(Russell, 237) When Claudette…show more content…
This work may be stressful and students may experience a strong sense of dislocation. They may miss certain. The may spend a lot of time daydreaming during this period. Many students feel isolated, bewildered, depressed, or generally uncomfortable.”(Russell, 239) Claudette states that the nights were worse when you could see the full moon, because it reminded them of home. She says how uncomfortable it is at St. Lucy’s. She says that seeing the moon and thinking of home was, “Worse than cod toilet seats and boiled tomatoes, worse than trying to will our tongues to curl around our false new names.” (Russell, 239) Claudette states how badly she wanted to run away. Claudette feels this way because whenever she sees the full moon it reminds her of home and how badly it makes her want to go back, but she cannot because she would be betraying her family despite how badly she wants to go back. Claudette explains how difficult it was to make her scent stick, to mark their territory. As a wolf instinct to get comfortable and make the transition easier. She felt as if she did not belong because she felt as if, “Someone was coming in and erasing us”(Russell 240) Claudette states that she entered a room her nostrils would flare up of the new scents and how the new scents bothered

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