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In the article “The End of Men,” Author Hanna Rosin argues that in the United States, men are falling in employment, education and play a smaller role in the family while women are advancing. Rosin also argues that this is happening because “the postindustrial economy is indifferent to men’s size and strength”. (Rosin 60) The manufacturing and construction industries have been hit high with long term unemployment. Men have lost nearly eight million jobs during the recession, causing women to become the majority in the workforce, according to Robin. Rosin claims that men dominate two out of the 15 jobs categories while women dominate the rest of the still-growing service sector: food preparation, home health assistance, childcare, and nursing. She also declares that women dominate men when it comes to office jobs because they were suited for “smart, dutiful” and “more reliable” women. (Rosin 64) Women succeed because they are bright, flexible, innovative, nurturing and communicative, Rosin asserts. “On the other hand, men are jobless and earn fewer college degrees because they are biologically unable to adapt, focus or commit; they are irrational, overemotional and passive”,…show more content…
The future, Rosin says, looks brighter for women still. For every two men who will get a bachelor’s degree this year, there will be three women graduates. In 2005, according to Jacqueline King of the American Council on Education, men are having hard time committing to school. They are behind academically, and will not seek help from their fellow student, study groups or from counselors. They feel isolated. Mothers going back to school consider themselves a good role model for their children. Fathers worry that they are losing their responsibilities as breadwinner of the

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