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Right Media should continue allowing advertisers the ability to classify their own ads. Right Media has successfully built a proven Exchange system that allows an efficient cost effective marketplace for ad networks, advertisers, and publishers to conduct business. The core of this successful Exchange system lies in the ability for advertisers to connect with publishers and vice versa with ease, flexibility, and at low cost. This system has proven to be beneficial to the advertisers, allowing them to capitalize on cost saving advantages and efficiencies, while maximizing revenue. Continuing to allow advertisers this ability is conducive to not only the advertisers core business structure, but also to the continued success of the Exchange…show more content…
They will need to execute this immediately to boost publisher and advertiser confidence. The advantages of improving and continuing to use this classification system is its overall low cost and ability to manage the growing volume of Exchange participants. These advantages are passed over to the publishers and advertisers attracting them to the Exchange system. This immediate improvement will differentiate Right Media from the competition in an already heavily criticized industry, solidifying its reputation as the company creating a new standard within the…show more content…
However, as the Exchange system rapidly grew, this became impossible to maintain and hence the creation of the classification system allowing an automated process. This automated process also made it more cost effective for advertisers and publishers to use the Exchange system. Having Right Media classify the ads themselves will result in an increase of costs trying to establish a department dedicated to the classification of ads, this also goes against the core purpose of the Exchange system. These increased costs will directly impact the cost effectiveness of the Exchange system, making it no longer advantageous to use. In this process, there will be a gross disconnect in what Right Media classifies the ad versus that of the advertiser. This is in direct conflict with the advertisers and discourages them from further using the Exchange

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