The Day Of The Triffids Chapter Summaries

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English Summary ‘The Day of the Triffids’ Chapter 1: The end begins The story begins with Bill Masen, a ‘triffidologist’, laying in a hospital after being splashed with the venom of triffids in his eyes in a lab. After the day that the world has been blinded by green flashes from a rubble of a meteor the night before, Bill Masen wakes up with bandages on his eyes. When he takes them off he can see people being weird. He does not know that everyone is blind. Chapter 2: The coming of the Triffids In this chapter Bill Masen tells about his life before ‘The End Begins’. The triffids came from the USSR in the beginning. The USSR is the one to blame because they released the triffids into the wild. The triffids used to be a resource of oil before the apocalypse.…show more content…
The whole city is filled with blind people who are very scared and do not know what to do. In the city he meets a woman with a kid who can see. Bill thought he was the only one who could see but now he knows he is not the only one. Chapter 4: Shadows before Bill Masen is still walking in London when he hears a woman scream. The woman was being beaten by a blind man who thinks that the girl is an enemy. Bill saves her from the men and tells her name (Josella Playton). When they arrive at the house of Josella they find out that here whole family has been killed by the triffids. Chapter 5: A light in the night. Bill and Josella want to find some anti triffid gear. When they know where they must look they were almost caught by a group of blind people. The finally got the gear and pass the night in an abandoned building. When it is almost night they see a bright light in the

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