Comparing The Koran And The Book Of Genesis

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Noah Story In both the Koran and the Book of Genesis, it is told that God wanted to annihilate the evil in men by filling the world with water (Erasmus, “Noah and Islam: Making Waves”). Noah, or Nuh for the Muslims, was the only man who proved righteous in the eyes of God. In order that he and his family would be saved from doom, God told him to build an ark. In the Koran, however, it is stated that at least one of his sons perished, whereas in the Bible, all of them survived. Noah and his family stayed in the ark while the rain flooded the earth and killed every living creature that was left behind (Fairchild, “Noah's Ark and the Flood - Bible Story Summary”). When the water subsided and there was land, they came out of the ark to worship God. Pleased with what they have done, God made a promise that he would never again destroy the earth with flood.…show more content…
Nevertheless, both place emphasis on mercy and justice that God gives to those who remain true to Him. During the time of Noah, men angered God because they worshipped other mortals instead of Him (Erasmus, “Noah and Islam: Making Waves”). Reverence belonged only to God, but men built statues of righteous men and treated them like God. God could have allowed the extinction of mankind, but he took pity on Noah so that from his bloodline would come the new generations that would populate the world again. Indeed, there was justice and mercy for the man who obeyed him until the

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