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Gender roles are shifting very rapidly in America. Hanna Rosin, the author of The End of Men, has a very straightforward view on the current state of gender roles in America. She makes it clear that she favors women over men and presents strong evidence to back that up. Rosin even discusses trends, which indicate that the average Americans want to have daughters instead of sons. Some of her other arguments about the rising status of women in the family and in the workforce are related to economics and education. Many scholars on the topic of gender roles and family agree with Hanna Rosin regarding women on the rise in the labor market and in the family, but unlike Rosin, they discuss the impact of race and social class on gender roles and family life more in-depth. Gender roles are…show more content…
Nowadays, it appears that women are receiving college degrees much faster then men. As Hanna Rosin stated, “…women earn almost 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees —the minimum requirement, in most cases, for an affluent life” (2010:10). Since women are beating men to earning degrees, they are making their way into the labor force at increasing rates. Historically, men worked much more than women did. In fact, “in 1950, roughly one in 20 men of prime working age… was not working; today that ratio is about one in five, the highest ever recorded” (Rosin 2010:7). The numbers of unemployed men have changed dramatically over the past half-century. Rosin goes as far as to say that women hold more jobs in America than men do. (Rosin 2010:5). Even the traits that are most important today are more commonly found in woman then men. Because of this, women are better suited for many jobs and are slowly starting to pull the strings in the job market (Rosin 2010:5). A lot of men will often say that women are moody and act on their emotions too much. Hanna Rosin argues that the opposite is true. She says, “the picture emerging is a mirror image of the traditional gender

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