A World Of Difference Short Story

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AA100B Asmaa Saadi AL Sammarraie 2140225 When we say Cultural Encounters we are talking about motivating things, on a space of levels in short story anthology title A world of Difference. Hope and disappointment after the revolution of Castro Cuba, comfort and fear in USA with all its beauty and sadness ,cultural ties that bind families and the difference between people’s dreams and reality, In working up with such theme we transact with complicated and distressing items, in this increasingly and sophisticated world where many cultures permanently interfering and conflicting .The concept of cultural encounters signals our focus on the ways in which cultures interact, overlap, and are transformed by these…show more content…
The setting for the beginning and the end are the same- the domino park - , and references to the banyan tree and the wind repeted. In the opening paragraph the ‘tourist maps’ of Miami , on the other side of the park’s fence watching the old men play dominoes . One of the most notable parts of opening paragraph is the final one about the sound of the wind in the leaves reminding the men of home . Maximo’s memories of ‘home’, at the end of the story, are colored by a sense not just of loss ,but of failure and shame ; hence the ironic and affecting ’’tell them , no pictures .’’ There are many echoes between the beginning and the end of the story, add to a sense of returning to a point in place and time close to where we began. Because of the short story’s comparative brevity, we’re likely still to have something of the opening images in our reading memory by the time we reach the end of the story.Nevertheless , the story has not simply come round…show more content…
With memories of the old world and those without, Menéndez draws us into lives that exude so much emotion that we feel as if we know these people ourselves. Menéndez exhibits an extremely sharp ability tofind the exact moments, the right situations, to truly illuminate a character's inner struggles, inner beauty, inner demons. http://www.bookreporter.com/reviews/in-cuba-i-was-a-german-shepherd As the men sit in the park, Maximo remembers times past, his late wife, his daughters – successful in California and shoes nostalgia. A tourist bus passes, a guide says, “most of these men are Cuban and they’re keeping alive the tradition of their homeland. Folks, you here are seeing a slice of the past.” Maximo could no longer sit where he was, accept things as they were – it was a moment that had long been missing from his life. Hestood and made a fist at the trolley. The narrator, the old man Maximo aware of the cultural encounter theme and what proofs that when he tells jokes to hide his emotional pain while playing dominoes in Miami's Calle Ocho to tasting the guavas in the last story during Lisette's visit to Her Mother's House in Cuba and

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