I Ll Catch You If You Fall Analysis

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Title: The End (Almost) Citation: Benton, Jim. The End (Almost). New York, Scholastic Press, 2014. Summary/Reason for Choice of Book: This book is about a character named Donut disappointed that his story is finished, so creates sneaky ways to lengthen it. Finally, through his persistence one page extra is added to his story, but then once again ends because no more pages are left. I chose this book because many times when I read a really good novel, I also get sad that it ended so quickly or the conclusion wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted. Additionally, I chose this book because at first I interpreted as if the author was trying to say that when you come through situations or obstacles in your life, you shouldn’t just stop and end your story, rather like Donut, shape your life in your favour. A personal connection I can relate to this reason is with the workload we get during school; it can be overwhelming to handle so I think of just giving up, yet remember that I am just hurting myself. If I keep hustling on the other hand, I can create my life in the way I wish.…show more content…
The reason I chose this book wasn’t just because I thought it was cute, but I liked the reminder it gave that everyone always has an umbrella in their life that is always trying to protect them from the rain. Often times in a busy world where everyone is hustling to get their work completed, this book is very calming in my opinion since it hints that everything will be okay. Even in difficult times of our lives, someone will be there for us comforting our stress and nervousness, whether it be our family, friends or partner. I and others shouldn’t be scared that they are going through the world alone because there are so many people who are completely happy with lending a

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