Stephen Crane's The Open Boat

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Article Summary and Analysis (The Open Boat) The Open Boat is a short story by Stephen Crane. This short story is about four men: the oiler, the correspondent, the captain, and the cook who creates a brotherhood while trying to survive while out at sea. These four men were survivors of a shipwreck off the coast of Florida. With the roughness of the sea, they battle to keep their small boat they were in steady and from capsizing over. The Captain who is injured steered the boat, the cook freed the boat of water, while the oiler and the correspondent took turns rowing the boat until they couldn’t row anymore. Suddenly the Captain saw the light of a lighthouse far off in the distance over the waves of the sea. The cook and the correspondent started to begin to grow tired and weary, so the Captain then made sail out of his jacket and one of the oars while the…show more content…
Slowly land and the lighthouse eventually started to appear growing larger in sight to the men but they were still a ways off shore. The crew then saw the outline of a house on the shore but trouble was a waiting for them. A thunder storm was approaching which brought strong tides, heavy winds, and high waves. In hope of someone rescuing them, the men tried to steer the boat towards land but the water was too rough for them to get close. As time went by the waves grew fiercer and the men were unable to control the boat anymore. The waves eventually capsized the boat and cause the crew to jump into the roughness of the sea. On the shore line before the boat overturned the crew saw a man, then a group of people who they think will rescue them. One of the men on shore was making signals but none of them could make out what the signals were. After the boat capsized the crew tried to swim to land, the men on the shore eventually came to the rescue of the crew. All of them survive the tough
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