Post-Colonialism And Postcolonialism

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The introductory chapter will throw light upon the key concept of Subaltern Studies and Discourse Analysis. It gives the basic idea of post-colonialism as it is necessary to know about post-colonialism to understand subaltern theory. The postcolonial theory studies the ‘Third World’ nations as they are put in the margin by the ‘First World’ nations. Postcolonial literature is internally a diverse cluster of writers and writers. The postcolonial writers are involved in the struggle against the colonialism/imperialism and such works are as odd as the struggle against it. The postcolonial writings reflect the new consciousness of the writers. Post-colonialism helps to see how and why the differences are created between the ‘First World’ and the…show more content…
The basic of such difference is the racy black – white. The white conjunction has put the rest of the world in the margins. The rest of the world is always positioned outside the mainstream. They are often being treated as the object of white people. Colonial or imperial rule has portrayed the colonized people as inferior, feminine, childlike, uncivilized and incapable of looking after themselves. The colonized people look at the western world with their own understanding, having their own perspective and they assume about the colonized people. Based on the differences of the white and black, the world civilization has got a new meaning. Far from white people’s perspective civilization is limited to white men’s culture- on the basis for ideas of legitimate government, law, economics, science, language, music, art, literature. They look at non-western culture- culture as uncivilized and…show more content…
It is the time to fight for the very existence of non-western people. They struggled a lot to find a way to talk about this. It is the first question which the writers and the critics of in post-colonialism try to answer. Post-colonialism has developed a body of writing which views the world of major minority and minority major. It attempts to analyze the relationship between the two by turning the world upside down. The reality is that the one who is not western is deliberately excluded from the western culture by the dominant voices. The one is inside yet outside. Post-colonialism offers a way of seeing things differently. Post-colonialism claims for the equal rights of all human beings. In post-colonialism the writers and critics try to make equilibrium between the west and the rest. In a way, post-colonialism claims for material and cultural well being for all human beings. Post-colonial writers raise their voices of resistance against the dominant class. In the history the resistance and opposition became a political movement. Post-colonialism argues for the nations of three non-western continents (Africa, Asia, Latin America) are largely in a situation of subordination to Europe and North America and in a position of economic

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