Howard Taylor Defining Race Summary

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What can “race” be defined as? Race doesn’t have a single definition because the idea of it was constructed for a particular purpose. Thus, making the idea of race to be made and constructed to segregate people and to make them believe that they are different from one another, when in reality, everyone are all human. Therefore, race didn’t always exist in history. This creates the argument if race is arbitrary or not. Articles such as “Defining Race” written by Howard Taylor, “Changing Race” written by Clara Rodriguez, and “Planting the Seed” by Abby Ferber all support the claim that the idea of race is unclear in some sort. Based on both the past and present analysis on the construction of race throughout history, it has no precedent definition.…show more content…
He claims that American minorities such as “Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and American Indians subject to a lower life expectancy than Whites because they have a lesser access to medical care which consequences to be of a victim to life-threatening illnesses.” (Taylor, 47) He references to “socioeconomic statuses such as the workplace in which he states minorities have greater chances of being underprivileged by having lower annual incomes, and les likely to be promoted in the workplace.” (47) This would be classified as white privilege. It can be argued that white privilege gives white people a greater benefit economically and socially than other racial

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