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Findings/Research Significance: Due to our closeness to this land and living here for 4 years already we have decided to search and know more about Lumut, its history, famous places and interesting stories, thus, this our research is going to focus on the history and famous places in Lumut, Perak Lumut in Malay means moss, lichen, or seaweed, it has a sheltered jetty. A huge Hock crew moved from Lumut to Sitiwan, The waterfall river was formerly characterized by damp mossy soils on reddish earth. Tin and wood were transported there by elephants and sampans, from as far away as Kinta. The development of Lumut started at 1800 as the vendors started using their portable handcraft, opening shops, and constructing houses along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, on 1900 Ceremonial signing delegation of…show more content…
Senior Citizens are the dominant, a lot of youngsters have migrated to the city for a better job opportunities. And the main commercial activities in Lumut are sea products and some agriculture. From the research we found that Lumut played a major role in serving the local Royal Malaysian Navy community, it has a unique and ancient army's equipments and facilities and considered as one of the main attractions in…show more content…
Apart from the influx of tourists to Pangkor, the transformation can be much attributed to the Royal Malaysian Navy having set up their main base here. Driving along the coast, you can just about see a row of towering apartment blocks that houses the navy personnel. Also we denote the knowledge we gain from the history of Lumut, characterizations and economics of citizens, and the development of construction, life facilities, shops, education institutes and transportation

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