Censorship In Judy Blume's Are You There God? Its Me

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Censorship has become a major problem in the American society. Since 1982 over 11,300 books have been banned in schools and libraries. Judy Blume’s book, Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret, was banned for its blunt content. The book begins with a coming of age girl named Margaret who just moved to a new neighborhood from NYC. From that point the struggle to become “normal” begins. Margaret begins to question herself and religion. Margaret’s self examination with her religion and the sexual content in the book is the backing to why it’s banned in many schools and libraries. Judy Blume’s book, Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret, has been banned from schools and libraries because of its sexual content and view of religion. Judy Blume’s book,…show more content…
Its Me, Margaret, has been banned due to its view regarding religion. The main character, Margaret, throughout this novel is faced with uncertainty with religion. Margaret goes through up and downs with her relationship with God because of her personal experiences affecting her, “After her upheaval, Margaret stops going to God in prayer but resumes when she (at long last) gets her period”. (Dangerous Books). Margaret’s parents have different religions and they aren't supportive of her having a religion. Margaret becomes confused on which religion she want to become. During school her teacher asks her to write about what religion she is but there is one problem, she doesn't have one she has to go and explain to him that she isn't one, “I don't belong to any religion” (Blume 79). This is a sort of self evaluation for her. Its hard for her friends to grasp the fact that she doesn't have a religion and they try to pressure her into a direction to go. She is torn apart because she doesn't want to hurt her friends feelings, “If I would figure out which religion to be I’d know if I wanted to join the Y or the Jewish Community Center” (Blume 52). This book was challenged by multiple schools because of its views on religion. It was also banned on how Judy Blume showed Margaret’s struggle in the novel. It was banned in a Xenia, Ohio library because the book has “anti- Christian behavior were deemed inappropriate” (Banned Book Awareness). The book was also thought to being “against parental and school authority” (Brancato) in the same Ohio library. Parents questioned if it was teaching their kids too much about religion for public schools. Margaret's struggle teaches children about her changing of religion, which seemed to concern parenting because they didn't want their kids to question their religion, “Books banning satisfies their need to feel in control of their childrens lives” (Dangerous Books). The book is banned becasue of its

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