Bringing Change In The Text 'Rainbows End' By Jane Harrison

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DISCOVERY BRINGS CHANGE Our minds are constantly interpreting and monitoring our surroundings, helping us make decisions on what move to make and what to do next, allowing us to move from one place to another, action by action driven by thoughts and experiences. From analysing my set text “Rainbows End” by Jane Harrison and my two related texts, Nobody Nowhere by Donna Williams and You Are Tired (I Think) by E.E Cummings, I have come to realise that discovery does bring change, as it enables us to have a new way of thinking and understanding, with renewed perceptions of the world around us and ourselves, where it can make quite a significant impact on one’s way of life. 

In “Rainbows End”, Jane Harrison conveys this through the use of an apologetic tone of ““Yes it is…I’ve changed, Dolly. I realised I was wrong…your family, is important. To you and to me”, where the use of ellipsis emphasises the realisation in which Errol has come to, in understanding and recognising the importance of Dolly’s family and its significant meaning to her. Through the word choice of “realised” within the quote emphasises this as well as highlighting that Errol has discovered a renewed perception on values and the world of Dolly.…show more content…
Yes! I can recognise a good man when i see one” revealing to us, that Nan Dear has finally accepted Errol into the family, in the wake of questioning and doubting him. The use of the exclamation point conveys high emotion emphasises Nan Dear’s

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