The Ban Of Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men Be Banned?

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Do Not Ban Of Mice and Men Millions of people worldwide have been asking the same question since 1937: Should Of Mice and Men be banned worldwide? Banning books in schools creates a controversy that plagues every generation. Parents are frequently the culprits that pioneer the dilemma. They justly believe that they have the responsibility to control their children’s education. This responsibility includes the right to veto books that, in their opinion, will tarnish the minds of their children. Blind sighted by their noble intentions, they often infringe on their children’s freedom to learn. Their well-intended attempts to ban books have dire consequences that not only cut into first amendment rights, but also eventually the school curriculum. Although Of Mice and Men is filled with many provocative issues, it should not meet this fate. It exposes children to euthanasia, sexism, the mentally disabled, vulgar language and racial slurs in an educational setting where teachers can explain the context of it. Steinbeck incorporated these controversial topics to take the reader back in time and history to the Depression-era of the 1930’s. He based this tragic tale on his own experience as a laborer as well as his…show more content…
Lennie had a mental disorder that turned him into a killer when he accidentally murdered Curley’s wife. When George discovered that a vindictive Curley plotted to torture Lennie to death, he shot Lennie out of compassion. He wanted Lennie to die quickly and peacefully rather than slowly and painfully. Despite mentioning multiple times throughout the book that his life would be easier without Lennie, George enjoyed his company and killing him broke his heart. Blinded by the controversy surrounding mercy killings, critics of euthanasia failed to see that George made the ultimate sacrifice for

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