Should Huckleberry Finn Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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The novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is an historical novel of American history. Huckleberry Finn is a very well known book threw out the world. Some say that it should not be taught in schools because of its language and point of view towards African American people. I believe the novel should be allowed back into schools but only at cretin levels of students. The novel was written pre civil war during a period of time when slavery was allowed in some states. Since the publishing of the book, Huckleberry Finn has be banned from many schools and public libraries because if it’s content. Huckleberry Finn is a great story to teach morals and life of America in the late 1800’s. Ever sense the novel was published there has always been controversy on whether it should be public or not. Parents, teachers, and even some students have been offended by the way the book was written, and…show more content…
Yet the book is only suitable for cretin maturity levels, as in the book should only be taught to high school or an older audience. Part of the problem is that some people just don't know how to react to the context of the book, what Twains true meaning of his writing. In the documentary Born to Trouble, Mark Twain states, "he only intended for the book to only be read by an older audience and never expected it to be in the hands of young children, especially in school." I this this as a valid point as to why I think the novel should only be read in school by an audience that is mature enough to read it as it should be. John H. Wallace states in his article, "in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1983 complaints were coming in from black parents and teachers after complaints from their children or students, and frequently they were sported by white teachers." This tells you that the controversy isn't necessarily over race, but how people comprehend the book it's

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