The Consequences Of The Holocaust: The Holocaust

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From 1941 to 1945, there’s a genocide called “The Holocaust”, obviously the Jews were a big part of the deaths, six million Jews were executed in a harsh, cold-blooded way. Hitler thought that the Jewish were not an advanced nation that will influence the development of Germany in a bad way. And also, at that time not every European liked the Jews, so at first Hitler’s execution was not a big deal to everyone. The Nazis that Hitler formed were also really powerful that no one would want to go against them, that’s why Hitler killed more and more Jews without getting in any trouble. The Europeans were too late when they finally realized that Hitler was trying to get rid of the entire Jewish population by his Final Solution; the Jews which were…show more content…
Also, a worse population will drag the better population’s any development. According to the Nazis new racial order, the ‘Aryan race’, who is tall, blonde, and got blue eyes, was the best and strongest race, but actually the Aryan race was just the Indo-European people who immigrated into the Indian subcontinent at about 1500 B.C. After having the statement of the Aryan race, all the other races of people were inferior, even the Germans which are not tall, blonde, and with blue eyes were just seen as normal people. At that time, people which are Aryans went to different schools, lived in different areas, been treated better than others; their lives were separated to others. To keep this high-leveled breed, the Aryans could even only marry to another Aryan. Also, Hitler got another experiment, an experiment to raise the birth rate of Aryans. It was known as “Lebensborn”. They gave orphans or babies born my unmarried women to a family with pure Aryan blood. The parents raised their ordinary-blooded kids just as usual. Hitler hoped that by raising children in an Aryan family could make those children become Aryans when they grow up. This ignorant plan failed in the
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