The Women's Rosenstrasse Protest In Nazi Berlin

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The Rosenstrasse Protest “True, some six million Jews were murdered. Not many Jews were saved. Yet when the [non-Jewish] ... Germans protested for Jews, Jews were saved,” Nathan Stoltzfus wrote in the article, “The Women’s Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Berlin.” Between the months of late February and early March, up to 200 Aryan-German women protested in front of the Rosenstrasse 2-4 building in Berlin for the Gestapo to release 2,000 Jewish males related to them. This protest is similar to Night, a memoir written by Elie Wiesel, because people in Wiesel’s camp were imprisoned in Auschwitz and the Russian Army tried to save them. The Rosenstrasse Protest, which was when Aryan-German women objected to release their Jewish spouses, changed the perspective of the Holocaust for German-Jewish couples.…show more content…
According to Nathan Stoltzfus, a historian and professor of Florida State University, the Nazis officially declared that Jews married to Aryans were exempted from the “Final Solution” until early 1943. The husbands and wives had the right to feel betrayed by the Nazi officials at the time when the Jews were deported without question. Stoltzfus also mentioned, “There was no such thing as a ‘happy’ Jewish-German marriage during the Nazi terror; one man, the son of a Jewish father, and a German mother was all there was.” Jewish-German families needed each other to work as one unit and survive during the Holocaust. They had no fear of the Holocaust until separation of their family would occur. The committed couples felt protected from family separation because of the law, until the Nazi took the Jewish spouses away from their

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