Comparing 'Night And I Have Lived A Thousand Years'

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The era of the Holocaust 1933-1945 was a genocide that was ordered by Adolf Hitler. At the time, Hitler ran the Nazi Party and established the Nazi military regime. Jewish people were killed in many different ways and by the end of the Holocaust, over 6 million Jews had died as a result of Hitler's persecution. Overall, the Nazis were responsible for the deaths of over 11 million people. The reason I chose the Holocaust as my time period is because it is a time period that everybody needs to know about, it is a very important part of history. Through analyzing my four text The boy in the stripped pyjamas directed by Mark Herman, Defiance directed by Edward Zwick, Night written by Elie Wiesel and I Have Lived a Thousand Years Growing Up in the Holocaust written by Livia Bitton-…show more content…
I have discovered that the time of the Holocaust illustrates a number of powerful messages such as the will to survive, the importance of friendships, the loss of identity and lastly the struggle to maintain faith and beliefs. These four text force us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful consequences of indifference and inaction. A powerful message which is shown in several of my text is the will to survive. This is seen through the character of Elie in the novel Night with his determination to survive through anything. For Elie the drive to live and the will to survive was manipulated by the Nazis. Elie was only a young boy when he was thrown into Camp Auschwitz. Thrown into all its terrible and horrific conditions that came with the camp. Elie lived on a very small proportion of soup and bread every day. Eating whatever was given to him, as he never could be too sure when he may get something else to eat. He was put to work in the scorching heat right through to the freezing cold in hard labor workshops. It is unbelievable how through all of this Elie had the

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