Hitler: The Causes And Consequences Of The Holocaust

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Imagine you and your whole family getting ordered to pack up all your belongings with no choice. You get taken somewhere that you think might be fun and now you get there and your life is about to end. Many many innocent Jewish people died in the Holocaust, 1.5 million parished and why? Everyone has different opinions on exactly what happened, but this topic is something that needs to be talked about so we can be educated on this horrible genocide. I think Hitler is the one to blame because of the many things he did to make this happen and he had the world neglected. There are many numerous factors that enabled the Holocaust to be implemented so effectively. First, I think that after Germany had the Great Depression, it left them desperate to have change, so when Hitler came…show more content…
This is why the causes and consequences of the Holocaust are important to be studied and passed to future generations. One of the reasons why we need to study this is because if we didn’t teach about it, then there would be stories about it that aren’t true. An example of this is the article that Arthur Butz wrote telling many lies. He explains why people’s heads were shaved, “That is why all accounts of entry into the German concentration camps speak of shaving of hair and showering and other delousing procedures, such as treatment of the quarters with the pesticide Zyklon” (1). People got their heads shaved so they could sell the hair not what he believed. He also thought people died from crematoria and not gas chambers. Another reason why we need to study this is so we are educated on what actually happened, and if something like this were to happen again we will know the devastating impact that it had. In addition, we will know how to approach it better than Germany did before it was too

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