The Shawl Conflict Essay

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Within historical civilization, recurring themes of conflict can be found. Many can argue that humanity, in some ways, breeds conflict within itself. While some examples of conflict humanity faces are self-created, conflict is pre-ordained in mature. ”The Shawl” written by Cynthia Ozick, takes place in a concentration camp during World War II. Within the short story, both natural and self-created conflict occur. The self-created conflict takes form as the Holocaust in its entirety, while Rose, the main character, has to deal with the natural conflict of nurturing her child and keeping it safe. While self-created conflict can take form in various settings through people and actions, Ozick’s story takes place during the Holocaust, in the middle of a concentration camp. The location used in the story is a place where much evil and hatred took place. Ozick’s description in the first paragraph further shows the lack of empathy for humanity as Rose is forced to march in the cold while hiding her baby.…show more content…
“Her knees were tumors on sticks, her elbows chicken bones.Rosa did not feel hunger; she felt light, not like someone walking but like someone in a faint, in trance, arrested in a fit, someone who is already a floating angel, alert and seeing everything, but in the air, not there, not touching the road.” This passage indicates and points out the lack of empathy the Nazis had for civilization. The Holocaust, originated through Adolf Hitler, with the help from Nazi soldiers, the systematic killing of millions placed not only Rose but humanity into a self-created

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