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I chose Steven Spielberg’s film, The Color Purple, because it showed me how a black southern woman struggled to find her identity after suffering from abuse from her father and others. The Color Purple was a movie dedicated to mostly black people and especially females, to show how they were treated in the 1900’s. The Color Purple was one of the most, powerful and meaningful films ever made. The film follows the life of Celie a young black girl growing up in the 1900’s. The moral of The Color Purple is Celie goes through life having time to noticing the beautiful aspects of appreciating them. This film was a great source of history. It demonstrated the way people had control over other individuals. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, there…show more content…
Not many women manage to make it away from their abusive partner alive. Later in life Celie inherited land a house that was originally her father’s. Then, she developed her own clothing line. This inspired me because no matter what someone has to say about you, if you believe then you can achieve. By watching this part of The Color Purple it showed me that if you would just always be strong and believe then you will always overcome life’s…show more content…
When she was younger her father raped her. She also gave birth to two a little boy, Adam and a little girl Olivia who was sold to a preacher and his wife. Later her mother died cussing and screaming because her heart was broken. Having to grow up without her children and her mother really left a hole in her heart. She was not only being abused by her father she was abused by her husband physically and her step children physically and emotionally. “You sho is ugly!” Shug Avery said as Celie stared her in her eyes. Constantly, and repeatedly being called ugly by her father, husband and Shug Avery, she always hid her smile because she actually started to believe that she was really ugly. However; she did not say a word back. She showed me that every action does not need a reaction. She showed me all the things that made you a woman. This film has also showed me that if you hold on to your dreams like she did, they will come

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