Witchcraft In The Elizabethan Era

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During the Elizabethan time period people became more intellectual and knowledgeable, although, many people still believed in the supernatural and began to persecute Elizabethan witches. The Elizabethan period was the renaissance era where the beliefs of witches, magic and the supernatural became to be more popular. The People of the renaissance era became very fascinated with astrology and began to link astrology with the supernatural. During the Elizabethan time period people began to experiment with herbs and other ingredients and practiced “old magic” Some of the ways the Elizabethan people practiced “old magic” were chants and incantations. They believed that the chants and incantations would summon old forces and would help them in…show more content…
There were a total of 270 Elizabethan witch trials out of that 270, 247 of them were women and only 23 were men. The people of this time era blamed most of the unexplainable events on witches and the supernatural, they thought anything that couldn't be explained was the works of a witch. Some of the thing they thought were the works of witches were, Bubonic plagues, unexplainable deaths, unpleasant illnesses, bad harvest, unexplained fires and death of animals were just a few of the many thing they blamed on witches and the supernatural. The types of people that were accused of being a witch were the poor broke and single women mainly widows or women who lived alone and had no one. The fear of witches lead to the beliefs and superstitions that witches could fly and this is how they travelled great distances it was a little later that people said the witches started to fly on broomsticks because this was a common household tool that many women used. A witch was considered an old hag or a crone that didn't have a man to defend her claim of being a witch. Witches are very associated with living alone they are also known to have several pets such as frogs, cats, pigs, ravens, wolves and many other odd pets. Witches were also believed to brew their magical potions in a big cauldron over an open

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