Huckleberry Finn Father Figure Essay

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In Mark Twain’s 19th century satirical novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim functions as a father figure to Huckleberry Finn and as a stereotype for an African American of the period, so that . Jim does not receive fair treatment due to the wide spread acceptance of racism. Jim also represents many characteristics of slaves such as dialect, superstition, and lack of education. Father figure Children need the support of a father figure to help them through struggles. Huckleberry Finn’s father, pap, does not participate in any standard practices of parenting. Jim fills the void in Huckleberry for a parent. Although Jim seems to have treatment inferior to Huckleberry, Jim still allows himself to assist Huckleberry as a friend and…show more content…
Jim receives unfair treatment from everyone he encounters throughout the novel, including Huckleberry. Jim did nothing wrong to deserve this mistreatment, but because of the color of his skin and his heritage Jim and many others must endure this harsh treatment. The societal acceptance of racism causes Jim and Huckleberry many struggles throughout their journey down the river. Jim runs away from slavery, so he increases the risk of prejudice from others if found. Characterization of Jim Lack of Education Even though African Americans did not receive formal education, they still possess wisdom. Jim solves many problems throughout the novel to show that education does not make a man. Jim agrees with Tom Sawyer’s foolish methods because Tom acts as if he possesses more than average amounts of knowledge. Jim knows that he needs Tom and Huck to assist him in his escape. Dialect Southern dialect possesses many unique characteristics that create an accent unique to the area. Jim’s southern dialect helps build and support the setting throughout the novel. Jim’s dialect represents a slave from the south and Jim’s dialect demonstrates the lack of formal education that African Americans receive. African Americans also bring in characteristics in their speech patterns from Africa. African Americans do not receive any formal education, so they do not know how to use proper grammar when

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