The Brain On Love Summary

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After watching "The Brain on Love" by Helen Fisher developed a great insight on romantic love and how it affects the brain. Fisher opens up the video by explaining a tracer that she and some of her colleagues constructed. Taking a total of 37 people who were madly in love and running them through a MRI Brain scanner. They took 17 people who were happily in love, 15 who had just been dumped and she explained their current project which deals with people who say they are still in love after about 25 years of marriage. Fisher tells us about the story about two lovers who were buried under two different temples which faces each-other and when the sunsets their shadows reflect on each other's temple. This analogy was said to represent that true love never dies. She asked two powerful question that almost everyone will answer "yes" to. 1. Have you ever been rejected by anybody you really loved? 2. Have you dumped someone who really loved you? It's is…show more content…
When you love someone, it takes a lot out of you to prove that love is true. When Fisher did the brain scans of 17 people who were happily in love, she found that the most activities took place within the base of the brain. There's something called the "VTA", which is below your thinking. It's surpasses your thinking and conquers your mind. The same region of the brain where romantic love is found is the same region that is targeted when a person uses cocaine. Love is like a "high" to the point where you can't get a person out of your mind. It's as if they are camping in your head. Fisher also looked at the brain from the standpoint of a person who had just been dumped. The only brain activities that goes on is within the three regions of the brain that deals with romantic love. It shows that obsession and romantic love has a positive correlation. When you're in love with a person you get obsessed and can't get enough of
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