Daddd Dameron Lady Bird Poetic Devices

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Tadd Dameron – Lady Bird is a 16-bar through-composed jazz composition. This song includes drums, saxophone, trumpets, and trombone. The tempo starts out somewhat slow and remains that way during the course of the song building slightly at the end. The melody sounds like it is played by the saxophone. In my opinion this song is smooth and very easy to listen to. Although the song seems to be on the softer side the energy is still felt and although it is not overpowering it is unwavering in its resolve to make you feel the music. Bud Powell – Somebody Loves Me is a beautifully played jazz piece. This song includes piano, bass guitar and drums. This song is unlike anything that I had ever heard as far as jazz is concerned. It is beautiful…show more content…
The tempo of this song plays out at a medium pace with good energy. It is not too slow and not too fast. As you listen to the song you feel the beat of the music and find yourself tapping along (or at least I did.) 12-bar song with the melody played from the start of the song. This trio plays the music in a way that makes it feel like more than just three people are playing the song. 1949 Miles Davis – Boplicity includes the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, horn, tuba and bass. The rhythm of the song varied while the tempo was medium paced with an overall mellow feel to it. The rhythms and tones were both relaxed and subdued. I believe that both the trumpet and the piano have a solo in this song. This is another relaxing piece and it’s no wonder why it is classified as “cool jazz” because as you hear the music you feel calm. 1956 Chet Baker – But Not For me includes tuba, drums, vocals, bass, piano and flute can be heard during this song. The tempo remains slow from start to finish. The male vocalist is simply mesmerizing! There is a tuba solo in between the beautiful vocals. The melody is played out by the piano and the tuba, I believe. This song has a 4 bar introduction and a simple style melody. I feel that the vocals add to the music and make express the artist’s position. His voice is almost raspy, but

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