Media Influence On Vampire Diaries

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The brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading "normal" lives, hiding their bloodthirsty condition, for centuries, moving on before their none aging is notice. They are back in their town where they became vampires. Majority of the society would agree that this is not the type of people they would like to be friends. People wouldn’t want to associate themselves with vampires. Vampire theme shows are a popular trend in modern day. Vampire diaries is popular television show airing today. Vampire diaries is a television show on " the CW" , and it now on it's 7th season. They have 37 wins and 101 nominations in television series awards. It a big television show around the global. They have fans from all over…show more content…
I have notice people really caring about the characters wellbeing and life . This is the reason why television is so addictive, being able to live in a show with monsters. The audience is caring about a monster that kills people for a living. Isolating themselves from the ordinary life and getting lost in a dark world. In the book mediated by de zengotita proposes an idea how media shapes your world and the way you witness life. media is basically television . People spent 34 hour in a week in front of a television. People love to isolate themselves from the real world. They like to experience different lifestyle each day. The only solution is to watch television and use the lens to construct your own atmosphere. Zengotita states," arts and artifacts that represent, that communicate but all the especially, to their effect on the way the experience the world, and ourselves"(8). In other words, zengotita's point is media drives us to become members in the process of mediation. Mediation meaning is dealing with reality through a different lens. We don’t want to experience the same day over and over. To prevent this from happening we connect ourselves with TV series to experience something in a different perspective. We develop a virtual relationship with the TV…show more content…
They are the main characters. The plot of the show is build around them. It's doesn’t mean they are consider heroes because they are the main characters. What makes the audience to believe they are heroes. In the book political mind by George Lakoff. Lakeoff is a professor at UC Berkeley. He talks about how intelligent and logical set up of the human brain. Lakeoff talks about an idea that people have narrative in our minds that guide us to make correct choice base with evidence in our brains. We create frames everyday in our mind. We just don’t realize it. frames are part of a bigger picture called narratives. Narratives help us to understand more vividly about our surrounding and media. Narratives follow a outline we all know about hype/ problems/ solutions. Narrative categorize people for us to understand better about them. If we have similar or different opinions on things. According to Lakoff," we cannot understand ourselves, who were are, who we have been, and where we want to go, without recognizing and seeing how we fit into narratives"(34). Lakeoff's theory is we fit new information into narratives getting information out of one narrative sort and putting into another. Building an entirely new narrative with existing narratives. We make emotions and judgment based on things we respect and honor. Frames shape our lives without us notice about the decision made in our heads. Frames and

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