The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas

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The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas was a movie based off of the horrific tragedy that occurred during the 1930’s known as the Holocaust. During this time Hitler’s leadership and the Nazi party had begun to spread across Germany and the results were horrifying. “War was an opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of the nation and to illustrate the unity of the people. War made good on the nationalist promise.” German casualties were very high with 13.6 casualties. This number not only categorized the number of soldier’s deaths, but civilian deaths as well. Hitler’s army may have taken high casualties, but they penetrated Eastern Europe in 1941 and lead to Hitler’s “final solution” in which he would exterminate the citizens that he did not find…show more content…
Though emotion, horror, and death this movie allowed for the audience to see the true tragedy that happened in the world’s history. It can become very easy to forget the events good and bad that occurred in our not only our nation, but our worlds past. This movie is a perfect example of the true importance of knowing what others have went through in years past. The victims of the Holocaust have truly underwent extreme torture simply because a leader, Hitler, found certain beliefs and or cultures to not be suitable for life. The character Bruno was an example of how people in this time truly were not aware of the absolute torture that people were going through. Many were told that their family member’s, neighbors, merchants, and even doctors were sent to a camp where they were taken care of and were told that their health was in good condition. Shumel was a prime example of the sheer strength that victims of the Holocaust underwent. He was so strong, courageous, and extremely forgiving throughout the entire movie. The horror that prisoners of these camps went through is unimaginable, but many that survived were not angry but thankful. Elie Wiesel once said, “Hope is like peace. It is not a gift from God. It is a gift only we can give on another”. Survivors like Elie are true

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