Social Context Of The Movie 'Gattaca'

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Intro- Many science fiction films are aimed to inspire people to think of the future and what it could hold. The ways in which science fiction films of the past and present have presented this idea have been both intelligent, thoughtful, and well-crafted, but also ridden with action and conflict. Unlike most science fiction films, Gattaca doesn’t rely on action and thrills to carry its plot across. In this paper, I will be detailing the production, exhibition, and marketing of Gattaca, as well as explaining some of the social context behind the film. Plot 1- In a future not so far-off from fiction, children are born in two ways: naturally or artificially, engineered. These children are capable of being born with engineered genes, preventing…show more content…
Producing such a different world from ours takes a lot of extra effects. Science fiction can be accurately described as one of the most expensive genres of film to produce. The film had a small budget -- $36,000,000 -- with which they created a futuristic atmosphere without using special effects and expensive sets. Some scenes of Gattaca use one set and change it around so differently that it is used in many different scenes, unrecognizable. Making use of color correction enhanced the antique quality of some of the elements of Gattaca, and also made it fit for the film’s futuristic setting. Many of the scenes include visuals which hint at the content of the film such as a spiral staircase to invoke the image of a DNA…show more content…
The exterior shots and some of the interior shots were of the Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1960 Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael, California. The same goes for the costume choices and cars. The vehicles in the film look like they came out of the 1960s or 70s, but with added colored lights and an electric engine sound effect, it appears separate from imitations from the past. Casting- The casting of Gattaca as follows, was a bold choice that may not have went over well with general audiences, but the film’s creators were ultimately very happy with actor’s performances. Ethan Hawke was initially cast as Vincent Freeman, and later Jerome Morrow. Newcomer Jude Law had never been in an American film before Gattaca, and it certainly put him in the spotlight for all to see. He was spotted in a play by one of the casting directors, and from then on he was a perfect fit for the role. Uma Thurman had always said she wanted to work with Ethan, and vice versa, so they were a good

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