Night Movie Vs Book

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While the book Night is non- fiction the Movie “The boy in the stripped pajamas” is a fiction movie. The book “Night” and the movie “The boy in the striped pajamas” have a lot of similarities like how the Jews got mistreated. The book puts it in more detail then the movie does. The movie doesn’t show how they got mistreated all the way it didn’t really show anything, when the book said and made me feel like I was there experiencing everything. The Boy in the stripped pajamas is about a rich family and the father is the head of military group at a concentration camp. His son is 9years old he’s confused of why their having to move away from his friends. He didn’t want to move away from his friends and be home schooled he wanted to be around his friends and go to school with them. Bruno the son can see a “farm” from his window he thinks and he wanders all the time why they only wear pajamas instead of real clothes. He gets one of the officers to make a helper from the concentration camp to get an old tire and make a swing with it so he can at least have some fun outside since he doesn’t have friends to play with. Bruno loves to explore so one day he decides he’ll go explore in the back yard he climbs through a window to get to the other side of the fence and finds…show more content…
Well one day he sees Shmuel clean glasses in the dining area and asks him if he
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