Personal Statement: A Career As A Correctional Officer

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Throughout my high school years I have had a lot of ups and downs. Sadly I have to say that I had more downs then ups, reason why is because through out high school I could not go out or do much for the reason that I always had to take care of my little brother and sister. Also I had to face things the way they are for example before I decided that I wanted to be a pediatrician I really wanted to be a correctional officer or something in that field. Now that I'm a senior in high school I started looking more in to it and made my research in it, and I came up on that I had to be a resident or a citizen in order to be a correctional officer. That got me really upset because my plans were already set that I was going to be a correctional officer. At the…show more content…
I started school in this country like any other child, the only difference is that I was born in a different country. Even though I have the DACA that does not allow me to be a correctional officer, so then I had to get my things together and not let this bring me down. I started thinking of other things I might be interested in and I came down to pediatrician. My dads dream is to see his little daughter become a doctor and being a pediatrician is close to being a doctor. becoming a pediatrician requires of eleven years total of school after high school, getting accepted in to a university will be a big step in my life reason why is because I well be the first generation to attend a four year college. Nothing better well be then to see my parents proud to see me go in to a four year university. I personally know that it well not be easy for me as i go away for college because I know I will not have a finical support from my parents. My parents already have a lot of there own to worry about and pay and adding this on to them is not something I would want. That is why I am already working, I am a full time student and full time

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