To What Extent Did Hannibal's Fight Over The Course Of His Career

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Hector Guerra---11/21/15 Essay: Hannibal has won many victorious battles against over the course of his career. Hannibal crossed the Alps and Pyrenees at the start of the Second Punic War. He defeated the Romans at the battle of Lake Trasimene and Trebia. The Romans saw him as a huge threat and appointed Fabius Maximus as their dictator. Fabius’ strategy was to cut off the supplies of Hannibal so they could avoid battles fought. It was a long-term solution, but it took too much. The Romans got impatient for Fabius, so the Romans kicked him out. Paullus and Varo were consuls that were chosen to fight Hannibal faster but they were not thinking on the same terms. Paullus and Varo in the battle of Cannae were under the command of Scipio Africanus. Hannibal had defeated Scipio Africanus several times…show more content…
Hannibal was a young military general when he was winning battles against Rome. Learning so much about his father he had a huge advantage over Rome and Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Cannae. His strategic advantage was that he did not afraid of the huge Roman force. He actually used all his troops wisely and defeated the Romans, although he had almost half the number of troops the Romans had. Scipio Africanus coming from a great and powerful family in Rome made him very powerful. Although he lost at battle of Cannae, he was forgiven for his major defeat against Hannibal. Scipio’s father and uncle fought very well against the Numidians, which Scipio learned from them and was able to have some strategic knowledge but not as much experience in battle as Hannibal had at this time The first major event in this battle that caused the Roman’s defeat was when Hannibal started retreating his army back. The Roman’s thought that they were easily going to kill Hannibal and his army. Hannibal calmed his troops and sticked to his plan and tricked the Romans into a

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