Why Snapping Is The New Clapping, By Katherine Rosman

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Any change that takes place in the realm of culture can be called cultural change. Culture “is the set of learned behaviors and idea (including beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideals) that are characteristic of a particular society or other social group.” The addition of new words to our language, changing concepts of property and morality, new forms of music, art or dance,new social norms, the mindset of the social institutions and social values, all fall under the category of cultural changes. All these cultural changes are caused because of diffusion, acculturation and discovery and invention. Society, “a group of people who occupy a particular territory and speak a common language not generally understood by neighboring peoples,” can gradually be impacted with new culture. Individuals are reluctant to lose their values, customs and beliefs in favour of new ones in order to adapt. These changes in one area of culture can affect…show more content…
“There was this phenomenon where people would start snapping,” he said...In a culture ruled by the instant feedback loop of retweets, likes and hearts, the snap (and by “snap” we mean the old-fashioned act of brushing the thumb and middle finger against one another in an effort to make a popping sound) is more often being used as a quiet signal of agreement or appreciation…” Rosman shares the experience of Christian Bailey, a 58-year-old physicist, on a conference in which she noticed a different dynamic on expressing, snapping instead of clapping. Rosman at the end adds, “Though the gestures [snapping] have great utility in her professional life, Ms. Lindsey is not happy that the habit has seeped into her personal life.” Rosman reveals that cultural change can affects an individual’s expression and habits in their daily

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