Descriptive Essay On The Forest

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Shutting my car door behind me, I was greeted by the rain that began to whip and slide down my skin. Walking forward, I entered the forest of flat stone trunks that were slowly being painted a dark gray from the sky’s tears that crashed upon them. Each trunk held a name of one who no longer walked the surface of the earth, flowers of all colors standing in front of them. Although there must have been at least a thousand of these trunks, I knew a specific one that not only held a name, but held up a cross with its solid head. This trunk with a cross for a hat was irregular to me, for it calls out my name every time I took a step or a breath. Trying to remember its features, I would be disturbed by the air’s breath that bolted through my hair, making it wave like the grass that shook beneath my feet. With the sea of faded flowers that stood with the trunks now dripping and weak from the falling liquid diamonds, the familiar scent of roses filled every corner of non-existence. Not wanting to stay in the sea of rain, I began to venture my way deeper into the forest of deep cloudy gray. Venturing into the forest of silent stone, I reached the now drenched stairs where cold handprints would go through my shoes lay upon the bottom of my feet. I passed through one step of the stairs and paused in…show more content…
Entering the driver’s seat, I laid upon the steering wheel, weak from the overwhelming emotional pain I was in. I knew she would have been colored a deep blue if she were to see the wretched state I was in. After all, when she was by my side, she had always told me to keep shining like the moon, who will eventually light up even if lost in a sea of black. Revising her advice in her own angelic voice, the corners of my mouth began to curl upwards as I drove down the road. I may be lost now, but I just need to light up once more, and I will be the contented man I used to and continue to

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