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Gospel Essentials Visiting an ice cream shop can be a bit overwhelming when we see so many choices for a consumer. One can go straight to what is common to our taste buds simply because we are afraid we might make the wrong choice and purchase a flavor we really don’t agree with. This comparison can be seen with some similarities to each other as we have many worldviews to choose from and sometimes we take a few samples from other people’s life experiences. We learn from them and decide if that is something one agrees on or will rather stick with what he believes in. This paper will give you a delightful and fulfilling taste of the Christian Worldview. Our individual views have a variety of colors as do all the tasteful colors of ice creams;…show more content…
At least that’s what a Christian believes and lives by. On the other hand, a worldview opposite to that might imply that our earth and everything in it was formed basically by the big bang theory, which doesn’t prioritize humanity as the main purpose of the earth’s creation. With different views of our world, it is to be expected that humanity will have a different take on how we should interpret love, respect, obedience, an ideal world and even an unjust world. Our views differ on what is wrong and what is right based on our ethics, beliefs, personal experiences and values, nature and nurture as well. Humanity has taken the roll given by God a bit too far or very passively. We are told to act selflessly and with much love for one another as God does for us, to care for Gods creation. Due to multiple failing attempts in the past, now, and many more coming in the future, God has had to put a stop to it in various occasions by putting an end to it using Noah, Abraham and Jesus as a covenant between Him and us. God has and will do everything to help us, yet we become deaf to His calling. “A major reason is ignorance of all of our species’ common fate and the shortfall of empathy: an emphasis on a very restricted concept of us and a relative lack of caring about them, with “them” including even our own unborn decedents” (Ehrlich, 2010). Humanity was created and given the word of the Lord…show more content…
So many details that are missed by many of us because we tend to focus on knowing more and more in regards to Him. I believe that religion is taking such drastic turns in regards to wisdom, faith , humbleness, and acts of kindness. So many people try to impress others with their knowledge of the bible and all that occurred with such specification, that the true meaning of it all gets lost. I believe what the bible tells me, I also believe that I need to read more of it so I can be a better servant; yet I don’t aspire to be the seen as a person of wisdom in that form. I believe that there needs to be a balance, a selfless balance between religion, wisdom and faith. We will never be like Jesus, but we do need to imitate Him as best as we can, I love Him for all He has done and will continue to do for each of

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