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Isidore E. Sharpe Professor Kenneth Yelverton OTS 400: Wisdom Literature 3 November 2017 Reflection Paper on the Book of Job The Book of Job will something have wondering how did Job deal with all that were happening to Job. He is being ridiculed, as well as, been questioned by his friends. Even when we are challenged by life in general, there are times when we are trying to get an handle or understanding of what has happen or how did it happen. Job is at this very point, without any understanding that he is a part of bet between God and Satan. The twelve-eighth of Job is just like that, it stand out like a sore thump, which has reader pondering, “Why is this poem in the heart of the book of Job?” Without any doubt commenters would said,…show more content…
He is confronted by his own convictions, and cannot comprehend the reasons to God’s silence treatment. Job wanted to be seen as a hero among his community and not a victim of circumstances. God’s silence really troubled Job. He complained that he could answer the poor, but he could not receive any response from God. So he decided to let himself off the hook and dismiss himself of all charges brought up against him. Job complained that he was denied justice at the hands of God. He also felt that God was not concern about a person integrity or about destroying their…show more content…
While another speech is about God correcting Job on his exists doing the creation. This is the account of God calling his feet to the fire, as well as, God probes Job on his where about concerning the witnessing of the foundation. God is not equal or on the same level as man, but he will come to see about us. Maybe, not in the same matter as God answered Job out the whirlwind. This whirlwind was prepared on Job’s account to see God, as if God can be summon by a mere

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