The Benefits Of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality is revolutionizing everything we use. Virtual Reality or VR is a developing technology that allows the user to experience anything. It does this by displaying a screen directly in front of the user’s eyes; taking over their sight. With this technology, you can experience anything. This becomes especially advantageous for teaching people how to perform a task. With its power to teach, virtual reality can be used anywhere to teach anything. Thus, it makes sense that, by the year 2050, virtual reality will be the preferred training device, and all companies and colleges, established by its current uses and developing into the safest and most effective training device. Already, virtual reality is an astounding technology and is…show more content…
VR is making a large impact in each field. In each industry it is in, it revolutionizes as it allows for doctors to “use it to show the ventricles of the heart; artists create hallucinogenic visualizations; game designers build immersive shoot-’em-ups and kookily creative tools like Tilt Brush, which lets you draw virtual sculptures in the air” (Thompson 20). VR has so many current uses in a growing number of industries. It is easy to understand how widespread this technology will be in the future. Companies are currently using VR for a plethora of reasons. Most of these reasons will be the foundation for its future uses. VR has multiple benefits that no other system can rival. One benefit is that it can simulate environments that would be expensive to create or is far too dangerous for the subject to experience in reality. This allows for practice of those situations without spending much or putting people at risk. These are the key reasons for corporations, especially the military. An example of the uses by the military is that “as combat aircraft become ever more expensive” it becomes highly expensive to buy and operate the aircraft; this makes VR “an immensely powerful tool for and route towards enhancing soldiers performance” (Mahon 16). This shows how important VR’s benefits will…show more content…
Currently, multiple reasons limit VR and stop it from becoming the complete training device in businesses and colleges. However, these issues are quickly overcome. One of these problems is that VR is too expensive to use; but as development continues, VR gets cheaper every day. Now, VR is finally becoming affordable to everyone as “the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have dropped below $1,000” or as low as ”$5 for google cardboard”(Thompson 20). This shows that the price of VR technology is falling every day. The frontrunners in this technology, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, have been dropping prices rapidly. These devices are now both cheaper than $600. Google has even developed their own VR with Google Cardboard, a cardboard cutout that holds the user’s smartphone like a VR device. Google Cardboard only costs $5 and the only other need is a smartphone. This shows that VR can be inexpensive, and is still decreasing in cost. One of VR’s most prominent benefits is that it is highly effective. Experts say that the reason it is effective is that: “VR is a form of active learning which, increases retention rates up to 80%” (Chiudioni 1). This means that if a trainee uses VR then it will increase understanding. Thus, VR is superior to other training

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