History Of Virtual Reality In Education

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Virtual Reality(VR) What is VR? : The definition of VR is simulation of the real environment to make the imagination environment that feel like the real environment from human senses, the important senses to create the virtual reality is 1.Seeing 2.Touching 3.Smelling 4. Hearing by using some accessory such as Head set, this head set will make you feel like you are in the virtual reality world with less feeling from the real world. Now we will often see virtual reality in game centre and we will often see virtual reality use with your smart phone. History of VR : In 1995 : Morton Heiling invent the sensoroma the simulation machine to simulate the 3D picture that increase some sense for reality In 1961 : Philco Corp. develop…show more content…
Virtual reality for Military : in military they use virtual reality for training their solider in the dangerous situation such as battle feild virtual reality can save many solider because of this reason and this training will decrease the military cost. 2. Virtual reality for Education : in education we use virtual reality for teaching some subject that can’t be teach in school and the student will see and learn. It will increase learning skill of student and will increase teaching skill of teacher to make student understanding their subject. 3. Virtual reality for Healthcare : to practice to heal many kind of sick people but don’t have any real sick people 4. Virtual reality for Entertainment : this kind of virtual reality we have always see in everyday live. Such as virtual reality games and virtual reality movie clip. This is for people fun. 5. Virtual reality for Fashion : to create new fashion. You can use virtual reality for help you try your imagination cloths. And virtual reality can make simulation of fashion show. 6. Virtual reality for Heritage : use for museum to explain more detail about the history for the…show more content…
Virtual reality for Engineering: use to practice the skill that simulate project of an engineering and use for design some work. If engineering use virtual reality will decrease some accident. 9. Virtual reality for Sport: Uses to training many kind of sport.to reduce the cost from the sport accessory. In the boxing virtual reality is some good choices to practice to use virtual reality with the sand bag for simulate the enemy. 10. Virtual reality for Media : In the movie use the virtual reality as the concept to create the movie. 11. Virtual reality for construction : in construction we use virtual reality to simulation 3D model structure and can create the project in virtual environment 12. Virtual reality for Programing language : can practice visual programming language to create virtual reality experience 13. Virtual reality for Airforce: use for flight simulation for practice the pilot to teach about flying skill and to test the pilot decision when in the real dangerous situation. They can control their plane or not 14. Virtual reality for combat simulation: use for practice new solider to teach about teamwork and military technique. And because virtual reality we will save the solider live and save the military cost from some military

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