Video Games Can Be Bad For You By John Henshaw

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Video Games Video games are an object most people can relate to in some way. For some people video games are a fun pastime, for others, it’s their life and based off of that life choice people tag gamers as being lazy, violent, and or socially awkward. Author Jon Henshaw in his article “Top 5 Reasons Why Video Games Can Be Bad For You” argues reasons why video games can be bad for your health and relationships. His five arguments include: They are addictive, expensive, distracting, can hurt your relationships, and rob you of your real life. While video games can be expensive, distracting, and addicting, Henshaw uses extreme examples to support his arguments weakening them. One of the arguments Henshaw makes is that videogames are distracting.…show more content…
The thought of overspending on products that may only be used once or twice or only shown off as a trophy, such as classic cars almost wasteful. Where as with video games, the game can be loaned out, played with others, and enjoyed nu multiple people for many years sounds like a better investment. However with every hobby comes expenses and opinions but no one's hobby should be judged negatively if it’s not hurting anyone else.The last argument Henshaw makes is that videogames rob you of life experiences, he says “Living means interacting, growing, learning, teaching, and loving”(Henshaw). According to studies show that challenging games actually help slow the aging of the brain keeping it healthy and active, they also say that video games can help give a person better leadership qualities allowing them a career boost due to their quick thinking and readiness to lead. The fact of the matter is, gamers could potentially be the people interacting with the world the most. Online games have opened up doors for gamers to interact with people all over the world and learn about all kinds of cultures. also states at least 70% of gamers play with their friends or other people. Video games also can teach people so much about random semi useful things like how to survive in the wild and teach you new words like rudimentary. Video games also strike up a person's imagination, making them more curious and creative, a lot of video games have a plot line that takes place in a historical time period, making the subject more fascinated and willing to learn about the history. The most notable game to have their

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