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The Identity of Jack the Ripper On August 31st, 1888 a woman’s body was found disemboweled with her throat cut in Whitechapel, London. Her name was Mary Ann Nicholas and she was a prostitute. She was the first known and accepted victim of a serial killer known by many names, such as “Leather Apron”, the “Whitechapel Murderer”, and most famously “Jack the Ripper (Jones). This notorious killer murdered a number of prostitutes in the East End of London. Districts of East End are described by one author as “a breeding ground for criminals, prostitutes, and layabouts; a center for depravity, degradation and disease.” (Jr., 2001) There was an inestimable amount of violence in this area. There were numerous causes to hear screaming and cries for help.…show more content…
He was believed to have contracted a venereal disease from a prostitute. Cutbush was said to have become delusional from the disease. Though when Cutbush was admitted into an asylum, there was no mention of any type of venereal disease and that his delusions were from inherited insanity. The second suspect is Micheal Ostrog, a suspect that failed to report to the police. Ostrog was certified insane and sent to an asylum. Later he was discharged and later went to prison for thievery. There are no records of him attacking women, or any indication that he could be homicidal. It is also believed that he was in prison at the time of the Ripper murders. Montage John Druitt was also a strong suspect. He was believed to be a sexually insane doctor of Whitechapel. It was later revealed that Druitt was not a doctor, but was an assistant schoolmaster at a boarding school. Also that he worked as a teacher until he was dismissed, three weeks after the last victim’s death. Druitt also committed suicide, possibly because of his dismissal from the school. George Chapman is the only suspect that had the anatomical knowledge shown in the homicides. Chapman was a junior surgeon that murdered two women he was married to. Although Chapman possessed the knowledge and had the drive to kill before, it is unlikely that he was the Ripper. This is because Chapman poisoned the women. The Ripper brutally mutilated his victim’s bodies. These methods of murder are very different and distinctive from each other. Aaron Kosminski is the last, very popular suspect. He was insane, had hatred towards women and had homicidal tendencies. Kosminski was schizophrenic, delusional, paranoid and incoherent. Kosminski was eventually admitted into an asylum. Although Kosminski was said to have homicidal tendencies while he was in the asylum, he was never reported or written down as homicidal. His record even goes as far to say that he was excitable but not a danger to

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